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April, 1984 Integrated Narasaki Koun Co., Ltd. (founded in 1969), Tomakomai Narasaki Koun Co., Ltd. (founded in 1966), Narasaki Unyu Co., Ltd. (founded in 1960), and multi-transportation department of NARASAKI SANGYO Co. Ltd.
Founded Narasaki Sogo Unyu Co., Ltd. with a capital of ¥80,000,000.
October, 1984 Increased capital to ¥120,000,000.
June, 1987 Acquired 100% shares of stock of Narasaki Tsuun Co., Ltd. from NARASAKI SANGYO Co. Ltd.
April, 1988 Changed "Sapporo Sales Office" to "Sapporo Branch".
June, 1988 Chitose Airport Sales Office opened.
April, 1990 Established International Liner Section in Tokyo Sales Department.
November, 1990 Akabira Sales Office opened.
December, 1990 Sapporo Distribution Center opened.
October, 1991 Integrated Transportation Department of NARASAKI SANGYO Co. Ltd.
Changed company name from "Narasaki Sogo Unyu Co., Ltd." to "Narasaki Stax Co., Ltd."
Changed "Muroran Sales Office" and "Hachinohe Sales Office" to "Muroran Branch" and "Hachinohe Branch".
Ishikari Sales Office opened.
Increased capital to ¥400,000,000.
December, 1994 Harumi Distribution Center opened.
August, 1996 Increased capital to ¥421,040,000.
October, 1996 Utsunomiya Sales office opened.
April, 1997 International Container Yard opened.
September, 1999 Kitahiroshima Sales Office opened.
April, 2000 North America Representative Office opened.
October, 2002 Started operating our own vessel "SUMISE-MARU No.2".
November, 2002 Shiraoi Truck Depot Opened.
January, 2006 Acquired Green Management Certification (Coastal Shipping Department).
September, 2006 Added Warehouse No.3 in Harumi Distribution Center.
February, 2008 Acquired Green Management Certification (Truck Department).
August, 2008 Moved International Container Office and Yard to East District, Port of Tomakomai.
October, 2008 Acquired Green Management Certification (Warehousing Department).
May, 2016 Acquired Authorized Economic Operator.
April, 2017 Osaka branch opend.